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Glass on Metal
This is the official website of the enamelists magazine "Glass on Metal" and has many great resources, including some articles from past issues, workshops and classes

Enameling Society
The Enamelist Society, Inc. is a volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 for the purpose of promoting the art of enameling. The Society distributes a quarterly newsletter to its membership and has an on-line newsletter called FuseNews. It maintains a lending library of both enamel-related literature and images. The Society also grants money on a yearly basis to further the promotion and practice of the medium. See our Activities section for more information.

Enamel Forum
The Enamel Forum is an on-line meeting place for enamelists that I set up in January of 2002. We now have 447 members from all around the world. Please join us! It is a friendly and generous group.  Messages have been archived since the beginning - so there is a wealth of information stored there! It is hosted by YahooGroups, and you will need to have a Yahoo account to access the files, photos, links and archives. But if you just want to recieve the conversations you can do so by sending an e-mail to enamelforum-subscribe AT yahoogroups.com

Vitreous Enamelling
This is teaching site that I have set up with all the information that I give my students when I teach at George Brown. I hope that it will be a reminder for them, and of some use as a resource for those of you who have been away from enamelling for a while. If you are very self directed it might help to guide you through some of the preliminary stages on your own. Feel free to contact me through this site with questions about enameling  any time.

Grains of Glass
This is a new social networking sight set up by  Trish White. It features profiles, pictures and articles by the members as well as a forum and blogs - all about enamelling! A social network is only as good as the level of participation of its members - so consider joining! It's free, fun and informative!

Metal Arts Guild
Your metal arts community: Discounts at local suppliers with membership. 5% discount here at Emporium Vitreum (send me your membership number to get the code BEFORE you order! Thanks!)


for Kilns and enamelling supplies

Gesswein Canada for Metalworking tools

ThyssenKrupp Materials (for pure copper in quantity - 4' x 8' sheets)
2821 Langstaff Rd
Concord ON L4K 5C6 Canada



Bovano of Cheshire
Supplier of Soyer leaded enamels

Enamelwork Supply Co.
All enamel supplies, useful information and support, Ninimaya Japanese leaded enamels

Tol Free (800) 596-3257 For information and support (206) 525-9271

Thompson Enamel, Inc
Manufacturer of lead-free enamels, all enameling supplies


Cristallerie de Saint-Paul - Emaux Soyer
manufacturer of leaded enamel










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