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A bit about myself

Catherine Crowe: Enamelist, teacher, community arts activist

I started enameling full time over 30 years ago. In the beginning I was self taught - specializing in champleve, starting my own business, Imago Corvi, in 1984. Over the years I had many productive encounters with other enamelists, read innumerable books, undertaken hundreds of samples and eventually studied with Fay Rooke. I am still a full time working enamelist doing many diverse commissions.

I started a part-time teaching career in 1995 and now have a permanent home at Toronto's George Brown College Continuing Education Department, offering comprehensive beginner classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters.

I also offer Advanced Classes in specific techniques in my own studio, designed for people who want to take their enameling to the next level.

In 1994 I started a on-line Enamel Forum, a free YahooGroup which is an active and generous source of information for all. I also volunteer with the Metal Arts Guild promoting awareness of the value of Fine Craft. Since 1996 I have been organizing Exhibitions with my artist collective, AnDroichead/The Bridge.

Opening an enamel supply source seemed the next logical step - especially with the amazing tools that the Internet has put at our disposal for communication and sharing of information. I am confident that it will assist me to be quick, efficient and reliable.

It also positions me well to help you with your enameling problems! Feel free to contact me with your questions

Here are some examples of my own work with links to my blog






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